24 Ekim 2009 Cumartesi

The Private Tapes Of James Douglas Morrison (March 1969 and June 1971)

01-In That Year Take 1
02-In That Year Take 2
03-A Vast Radiant Beach
04-Moonshine Night
05- Bird Of Prey
06-Dawn's Highway
07-Underwater Fall
08-Tell Them You Came
09- Why Does My Mind Wander So
10-Winter Photography
11-Whiskey Mystics and Men
12-Setting Up New Tape
13-Orange County Suite
14-Far Arden
15- A Woman's Letter to Her Soldier
16-American Night
17-My Name Is
18-Adolf Hitler Is Alive
19- A Good Time
20-Can We Resolve The Past
21-Always A Playground Instructor
22-There's A Belife
23-Indian Indian
25-Woman In The Window
26-She's Selling News
27-Vision of America
28-Motel Money Murder Madness
29-Earth, Air
31-Stoned Immaculate
32-Babylon Fading
33-Thank You Oh Lord
34-The Lost Paris Tape - Jim Morrison's Last Known Recording


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