2 Eylül 2012 Pazar

Georges Bataille Essay Collection

Bataille - 5 Poems
Bataille - Additional Notes on the War
Bataille - Critique of Heidegger
Bataille - Death and Sensuality - A Study of Eroticism and the Taboo
Bataille - Friendship
Bataille - Hegel, Death and Sacrifice
Bataille - Lettre a X. (Kojeve), Change d’un Cours Sur Hegel… Paris 6 December 1937
Bataille - Mysticism and Sensuality (Chap. 5 from Eroticism - Death & Sexuality)
Bataille - The Gift of Rivalry - ‘Potlatch’
Bataille - The Impossible - A Story of Rats followed by Dianus and by Oresteia
Bataille - The Meaning of General Economy
Bataille - The Notion of Expenditure
Bataille - The Place of Violence - Selected Writings
Bataille - The Psychological Structure of Facism


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